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crazy steve and i

id been admiring him from afar, for far to long. I wanted to get crazy on his Steve. Every time he yelled something insane my heart fluttered like a butterfly. Ive tried to stop liking him, but my love was to strong. that red vest, that bald head, those eyes that were the window to his beautiful soul. my secret love for him was getting to be a problem. I couldn’t even sleep. I would toss and turn, and wish he was beside me. 

i hadn’t seeped a wink for weeks. this lack of rest really affected my mental stability. one morning i clocked in for work, (i work at the premiere) and josh was being oh so noisy, which really bruised my banana. I began to yell obscenitys at the poor chub child. “JOSH U WORTHLESS PIECE OF SCUM FIRST U EAT CRAZY STEVES ENCHILADA AND NOW U MAKE NOISE!?!?!” josh looked very apologetic. Crazy Steve looked at me with love and passion in his eyes. I saw josh, who was crying and felt mighty terrible. I choked up and ran out the room. I sat on a stoop and cried. I cried for steve, I cried for josh, I cried for my sanity. Then i felt a hand on my shoulder, i looked up and saw the love of my life. Steve sat beside me and told me he loved me. “I didn’t realize it untill you yelled at josh. we have a lot in common.” his eyes were so good. the only crazy about him was his crazy handsome face. 



but the are ;)

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